24 thoughts on “1994 FIFA world-cup(korea vs Spain )best match 명승부

  1. this game made S.Korea football better today. not 2002 world cup. Seo Jung won deserves more

  2. the editing seems a little biased. in the 1st half, spain is only shown scoring once, plus on one other chance. korea is shown on 6 or 7 chances.

    still, looks like a great game and some nice stuff from south korea. but i would like to watch the whole game.

  3. are you kidding me how can you tie with korea back then?! well right now they are good up how how then

  4. 볼리비아전에서 스페인전이나 독일전 후반전 까지만 해줬으면 좋았을 텐데 아쉽.. 월컵 때문에 학교에서 수업도 안하고난리도 아니었었는데 !

  5. I remember this match when I was a kid. I was rooting for korea who totally played spain away in the 2nd half. also they dominated germany in the 2nd half and should’ve won both matches

  6. spain sucks ! they are spiteful fouls! should be red cards ! dirty play ! dirty umpire !

  7. Chinks can’t never shoot like this korea team.

  8. que bonitos uniformes eran mas personalisados ahora son mas simples
    korea cheaterssssssssssss(2002)

  9. Italy is known as one of the most dirtiest team ever. Diving, violent, cheating etc. I can give you an exampel. Italy vs Australia in 2006. Btw. Im norwegian

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