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The 2022 World Cup is over three years away and there appears to be a little confusion on the number of teams that would participate in the tournament. Initially awarded as a 32 team World Cup to Qatar there have been news that it could be expanded to accommodate teams.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino has always been vocal about his support for a 48 team World Cup in the Gulf region but political issues pose the greatest threat. Qatar is currently embroiled in a diplomatic standoff with neighbouring countries UAE, Egypt, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.  These countries could easily share games as they have large capacity stadiums but it looks highly unlikely. Continue reading OMAN FACING RACE TO HOST WORLD CUP

According to FIFA, It’s Possible to have 48-Team Tournament

Qatar has got all the rights to host the World Cup of 2022 World Cup. This is the first time ever that a nation from the Middle East is hosting FIFA, back in 2010.

The key committee for Delivery and Legacy spokes person, who is taking care of whole infrastructure and planning of the 2022 event, recently said, “Qatar has opened all the possibilities to have an open discussion regarding the expansion of things since last year. The country by its efforts wanted to make sure that this tournament belongs “to the entire the Middle East and Arab World”
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Long-serving Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has revealed his hopes for a more competitive FIFA World Cup in Qatar than the one we witnessed in Russia last year.

Wenger feels that the World Cup will be more interesting and unique if the North American, Asian and African countries provide a much sterner challenge to their European and South American counterparts for glory.

Organizers Reveal Qatar Thinking On Offers Received From Iran And Different Nations To Host Teams

Qatar is thinking positively on offers that it has received from other countries to bring teams in the upcoming World Cup, however, so far country has not taken any decision in this regards, said the AFP organizing committee senior members.

Recently, Iran has received an offer to bring teams that will take part in World Cup small Qatar. The championship is going to start in about four years. On the question, if teams could be based in Iran, Hassan Al Thawadi, who is the chief organizer, said the country has got many suggestions from the various teams that are participating in the tournament. This is part of the operating plan, but of course it must happen with FIFA,”
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The 2014 World Cup still has not even started but the clouds of controversies and doubts have been emerging from the moment that it was decided to cut off from the traditional system in which a country was divided into regions as this would cut down on travelling and make it less of a burden and trouble for Brazil’s airport that will have a lot of the teams moving from side of Brazil to the other one.

With the intentions of FIFA to ensure that the matches take place at a convenient hour for the European TV and taking into consideration the sheer size that Brazil has, some squads will have to play under extreme temperatures and conditions while others don’t have to face this burden.

Any of the already seeded teams will be more than happy to be drawn into Group H as they will have to play their matches in Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo all of which are in the same region which means that the temperature in which they will be playing are mostly the same without major differences.

But this is not the same for other squads that have to undergo travels of major distances which will happen for the 1st opponent that Brazil faces as they have to open the competition in Sao Paulo and then make a 2,500 mile travel to Manaus in the Amazon until finally making a return to close their group campaign in Recife.

And all of this will be decided solely by the draw, by which teams goes into which group and nothing more. From extreme heat to cold in a matter of days, that is what some players have to get through in a unique and never before seen World Cup.