25 thoughts on “2006 Fifa World Cup Shootout: Italy vs France

  1. If you cant win it in 120 minutes of constant playing, then I doubt you’ll win at all…

  2. Yes it does. They were both great, and the one who could cope with the intensity of penalties in the finals means they’re stronger mentally. They might of been equal physically, but when it comes when it plays with your mind, you have to be ready.

  3. This doesn’t make any sense. Shouldn’t team B have won already too if they were the better team?

    Endless Golden Goal overtime would show who has the most endurance and heart = THE BETTER TEAM.

    Shootouts suck.

  4. if A team is really better than B team, then A team should have won already before they reach the penalty shootouts.

  5. no.
    the team with better players with better psychology (remains calm even under tremendous pressure) will win in penalty shootouts.
    it’s not flipping a coin.

  6. Holy Fuck! this video is from 2006.. 6 years ago! it makes it rare in youtube!

  7. somebody needs to win man….the teams cant just play forever 120 minutes is long enough, if a team cant score this is the best way to decide it and thats why its still used

  8. This is how you decide a tournament that takes almost 4 years to get to this point?? This doesn’t show who’s the best team. You might as well flip a coin. Every world cup win by shoutout needs to have an asterisk beside it. It’s the worst part about this sport.

  9. shut the fuck your mad you lost france fuckn sucks they lost against south africa just quit the sport

  10. viva italiaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    italy’s gonna wins this year too lol

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