25 thoughts on “1998 FIFA World Cup Final: France-Brazil

  1. France did not cheat. Even if Brazil and France played “fairly” which they did, in the final Brazil would have never beat France by 4 or 5 goals. In 1997 They played in a cup in France and they drew 1-1 they Brazil scored by a free-kick. Brazil is jealous they never beat France. 2006 You were full of stars and couldnt make it past France. 1986, 1998, 2006 all fair so shutup

  2. @steventhistleton england and france wont make it past the the quarters in this coming world cup.

  3. The last great World Cup, hopefully Brasil 2014 will bring back the magic.

  4. Francia Humillada del Mundial 2002 em Korea 3 goles en contra cero a favor dos derrotas, incluyendo al flamante Mierdin Mierdane,, Francia Humillada de Eurocopa Suiza 2008, 6 goles en contra y 1 a favor dos derrotas, francia Humillada en Sudafrica 2010 dos derrotas, 4 goles en contra uno a favor, en fin un mundial arreglado y planificado y comrpado el de 1998

  5. @darkoneforce2 yes the 1982 team was good…just shows how competitive the 1980’s were

  6. @juan1189 France 82 had more flair, but defensive wise they were nowhere near France 98 and 2006.

  7. @kimranchik 82 france was more talented, but they lack character which makes Germany the better team that year…I do wish platini would have won a world cup…he was such a great player on the pitch

  8. @juan1189 1982 team like i said were better than germany, but just did not get it done for some reason. they had all the skill in the world, but came up short and in 1986 the french core from 1982 was still in its prime, but again fell to their german nemisis. what i believe france lacked is character, not skill or physical strength in 1986. they had tons of skill and looked more scary on paper than germans. alas, platini and co came up short.

  9. @juan1189 the 80s were a different era, an era where football was more open and fluid, while the 90s, especially the latter part, saw a very tight defensive style of football, so to say that WC 1998 was less tough than WC 1986 sounds quite far-fetched imo. zidane did not have a complete team and france were not favorites in 1998, brazil were. conversely france in 1986 figured among the favorites, given their 3rd place finish in 1982 and to be fair 1982 team played better than germany.

  10. For all the racist jerks out there: the people you see playing for France are… guess what?


    I have three more letters to help you think, if your narrow minds can open up to other sports: N B A.

  11. @kimranchik the 1998 team won, the 1986 tean did not win…now I think the 1986 cup was tougher than the 1998, but the 98 team had a complete team to win it all that year…the only tough game was against paraguay. The 86 french team was amazing but germany always got on the way…

  12. @kimranchik I should not have use the word better, but they were more complete as a team in my opinion and they had the unfortunate event of meeting Germany in both the 1982 and 1986 semifinals

  13. @juan1189 i am not sure i agree with you on account of platini’s team not up to the task. platini’s team had perhaps the best midfield in the world cup 1986. with the likes of tigana, fernandez and giresse you could tear any opposition apart in 1986… any and that includes maradona’s argentina, zico’s brazil and rummenige’s germany. plus french backline in 1986 was not that far behind their midfield in quality with amoros, bossis and battiston.

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