25 thoughts on “2006 FIFA World Cup Semifinal: Italy vs. Germany

  1. i feel for the germans. too bad their loss had to come at the hands of the italians. i think the germans have a lot to be proud of nonetheless.

  2. @TranceTechnoSucks is it true what you say!!! and who think the majority of europeans and south americans who listen to them!! incompetents that they always say something stupid about football… and they do not even realize it!!!!!

  3. @samantha34ize but world cup is a bigger stage than milan playin palermo or anything like that. i love serie A but it was just more impressive becasue of the stage it was on.

  4. big deal i watch serie a alot they do this all the time draw double team pass it to the open guy he socres

  5. @MrBeggieCheese even when italy got the counter attack it was 3 one 1 but the other two germans didnt even bother helping the one

  6. The Germans were totally exhausted..look at the beginning of that counter attack, hardly any Germans are catching up

  7. Game still saddens me. While I believe Germany would have won if Frings played, it’d still be a very close game.

    Gotta look forward to the future I guess, where Germany’s gonna slay thanks to their youth.

  8. Does anybody have this with GOOD commentators?
    American commentators are the scum of the Earth when it comes to football.

  9. @Torak33 The emotion of it all. There was a fear that if this game went to penalty kicks the Italians would lose because before the 2006 WC final they had never won a game that went to kicks. I cried tears of joy that day too.

  10. @TranceTechnoSucks, eh, i guess it’s opinion and i guess it’s based on the announcer…

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