26 thoughts on “2010 FIFA World Cup || Goodbye Germany 06 || Hello South Africa 10 ||

  1. Deutsch leute liebt nicht seine heimat… Fahrst immer nach Afrikaund Afika benutzen das..weil weiß das… und ander land und….Deutsch denken alles was is aus ander land ist besser….

  2. @kielerkorn89

    es ist egal ob du schwarz oder weiss bist,
    verdammt haben wir menschen immer noch nichts gelernt?

  3. out of question…goodbye germany…germany is the best football team on earth and that,s final…see u in 2011….

  4. @argudit Oh and btw our football is just fine thank you very much ;P
    We have great young players comming through the youth system and now in Bundesliga and the only thing I was dissapointed with in the WC was the match vs spain cause the whole team had the wrong attitude instead of being confident enough to just go with their usual game….

  5. @argudit LOL stupid comment.
    What do you even define as german. Think god just snipped his fingers and everything was like it’s today? Ever heard of migration while the evolution of humanity ? Or what about 100 years ago when the borders where different, then it’s just a matter of political systems in which country you’re born. and anyway families that immigrated a few years ago, think in 200 years anyone will care about it? It’s just narrow minded thinking like this that causes problems…

  6. italy shouldn’t have won the world cup. in the round of 16 when they faced australia fabio grosso dived in the box tricking the ref into thinking that he was fouled and the ref awarded a penalty if they were not awarded that penalty then they might not have won the world cup.

  7. Type JIMMY DUBBINS into YouTube for the definitive reasons for England’s demise!

  8. God I felt so bad for Germany. I wanted them to win. Germany’s like my 2nd favorite team in the FIFA, but I wanted them to win sooo bad. I have love and respect for Germany, and Germany have love, and respect for my people. But yet Germany did very good, and I was real happy for how well they did, and put in so much effort in every game. I hope Germany wins the next world cup in 2014. Love all you Germans, from KURDISTAN!!!!!!!

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  10. It just brings it all back… what a WC! I loved all the games…. Germany will get it in 2014, I am absolutely certain! The boys were GREAT and I thank them for fighting, despite their youth and thank God for their DRIVE! Thanks for this video.. to all the FIFA champions… 1st place or last… Good Job… 4 years isn’t forever… keep waving your flag!

  11. Deutschland is the best! The way they pass and control the ball is really superb. <3

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