25 thoughts on “2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil Vs England (Video Game Gameplay Demo)

  1. Why England ? England are not gonna even get trough the group stage . We
    all know the final will be Germany vs Brazil.

  2. The final could be Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Germany,
    Portugal. How do you know Germany will be able to defeat Argentina.
    Argentina are playing much better than in 2010 

  3. On the other note, I think EA has done it again. Changed a few skins and
    ported the 2010 FIFA World Cup. All the voices and comments sound exactly
    the same, not even any new commentaries. What a rip off EA.

  4. Should have let the computer do all the work. This sucks and no way would
    England lose this bad.

  5. the graphics has got better each and every year, Fifa forever and when can
    we see the police officers getting knocked over by the ball and same with
    football players after getting the ball blasted in the face and in the love

  6. its only a demo full game will be better ! maybe i gonna pre order the
    game dont know 

  7. why on all brazil goals england defense is just standing there like
    idiots.. i hope the reason why is the beginners selection.. cuz that is so
    fucked up.

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