26 thoughts on “Argentina FIFA World Cup make up look

  1. you are awsomeee!! I’m from Argentina too! I was so surprised to see this! I love all your videos and I have already sent you a Dear Lauren e-mail. I hope you answer it!

  2. I love you world cup looks. What a fantastic and unique idea! Im going to start practicing my germany look! I would love to see more of these unique and fun looks.

  3. where do you buy your make-up i notice it has a great pigment color and was wondering if you buy it from Mac or from a different company?

  4. what a shame I ve just seen this video now, and now during world cup! lm Argentinean living in London. 😀 BTW I love your accent!

  5. hi, i havn’t been a fan since start (not in bad way) cos i only found ur videos 7th sept 2010,, but i think i’ll always look at ur videos when i’m going sumwhere, ur pretty, and GREAT at makeup

  6. pretty cool about this 😀 , it’s a shame bout that asshole from my country… sadly .. xoxo

  7. could u do norwich city yellow and green
    the one u did there was mint

  8. could u do norwich city yellow and green
    the one u did there was mint

  9. @WhyDidYouDieMichael No. I was making fun of you. For being racist. Because most of the things you say about mexicans arent true. Haha you hate an entire race of people for no reason.

  10. @WhyDidYouDieMichael.. ymeon3.. Eres una verguenza para los argentinos!! disculpen el vocabulario de este boludo…. no todos somos tan mal educados como este jil…. muy creativo el maquillage felicitaciones…….hahahahahahahaha.. you finally shut your dumb bitch ass up.. Good.. Why dont you play Russian Roulette and kill yourselft.. Say hi to MJ for me..

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