25 thoughts on “Brazil FIFA World Cup Inspired make up look

  1. Ahhhhh!!
    Eu amei!! Muito brasileiro mesmo!!!
    Thanks!! i loved!!!
    Beijos do Brasil!!!!
    Kisses from Brazil!!!

  2. Lauren u are amazing. I love this video so much being Brazilian myself ( hence the name) and I must say u did us very proud mama Love u

  3. i love this look 😀 and them eyelashes are amazing where did u get them? :))<3

  4. I will say this. brillant idea, colors are so vibrant. But i would lose the lashes hun :’] i htink it looks better without it

  5. nice look but i think you should blend the colors more so they wont look like they were dapped like combine the colors a little

  6. Hey, meu Brasil querido!! My beautiful and dear country!! Yeahhhhhhhhh!! Thanks for this makeup!!!

  7. whyu can,t look beauty in full dress u look nice withhout dress becs ur vajina and pussy is very useless

  8. My mother never should me how to apply make up and i am 25 i love nice colors and things but i can never get my eyes to work the eyeliner is a mess the colors look funny and i just don’t understand how to do eye make up i also do like the goth look can you email me a few tips on how to do this i am lost

  9. im not being sarcastic…. you are very pretty, u have an amazing talent and you have amazing eyeshadow! whoeva sed anyfing bad bout u should piss off!! <3 x:)

  10. i think the liquid eye liner would probably be the most difficult part… she probably did many retakes for that part…

  11. At the begining look at her face.. Split it in half and then you can see what makeup does..

  12. OMG, that is soooo beautiful!!!! could you please do one for mexico? PLEASE?????????????

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