23 thoughts on “England v Brazil 1-2 World Cup 2002

  1. this england squad was probably the best chance they had of winning the world cup

  2. Brazil is the most winning team of all time. 7 Finals and 5 world cup titles! Hard to match their record.

  3. Beckham jumps out of the way to gift Brazil possesion for first goal. Could of knocked it out for a throw. If it had been anyone else it would have been mentioned.

  4. hi told you he has a disability on his mouth mate! wtf i was explaining it to you and then you say to me that im looking for an argument??

  5. Explain how that’s making fun of him? Haven’t heard of a disability, stop looking for an argument

  6. we should have won england would have won if it wasent ronaldinhos free kick

  7. I laughed so hard @ 5:14 when the commentator said, “And D.Seaman come off his line”. I mean come on, when was the last time Eng lost & never had an excuse?
    1998 WC- Beckham got sent off.
    2002 WC- Seaman was off his line.
    2004 EC- Pen spot was bad. (even though Portugal used same spot).
    2006 WC- Ronaldo cheated & got Rooney sent off.
    2010 WC- 1 goal is disallowed even though they lost by 4.
    Eng p-ple=Kings of excuses. Eng p-ple R good @ excuses that even commentator found an excuse quickly.

  8. England were shockingly poor after Ronaldinho got sent off. They could not get a hold of the ball.

  9. dude he has a problem with his mouth its a disability of him dont make fun of it

  10. fuck up? the ball took a fucking deflection.. you make it seem as if he did a rainbow. he got lucky and capitalized thats it.

  11. I believe they would not have won the world cup because they were so so poor nothing like the team team of 1990

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