25 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Promotional Video HD

  1. If you are going to the World Cup you have a fifty fifty chance of coming
    back alive. You are either going to be killed by falling stadium parts or
    stabbed to death by someone trying to steal your Blueberry

  2. ╔══╦╗──────╔╗─╔═╦╗ #FIFA

  3. i would love to see brazilian people stand up and fight against their
    government and fifa.
    i love football, but only until it is a sport and not a buisness that ruins
    a country, shameful

  4. FML if world cup is not scripted
    and u”re gonna say but they wouldn’t willingly lose 7 to 1
    yes,yes they would if they knew they are gonna win next world cup be
    presented as underdogs,and win and be even more awesome in everyone’s

  5. What does Brazil have to do with all the Africans! This is not a black
    people nation!

  6. South Korea will win the world cup 2014!!! World Champions 2014: South Korea

  7. La Copa se queda en Sudamerica! Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador
    y Uruguay!

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