Germany narrow victory in Euro Qualifying Matches

Germany has gone through a narrow 2-1 victory against Scotland, a 2-0 defeat against Poland and a 1-1 draw against Republic of Ireland. Those are the entire 2016 Euro’s qualifying matches and results that Germany has experienced in September and October.

Let’s not forget that Germany are the recently crowned champions of the world as they defeated every team in their path during the 2014 World Cup and now the team of Joachim Low is struggling to collect points with Poland and Ireland.

Joachim Low was the manager that guided Germany through their 2014 World Cup success and the German coach has stated some details which are affecting his players.

“The load on players is too high. The high demands on teams in national leagues and of course the Champions League, it’s too much. If you look at the players, they need more of a break. Some players only get as little as three weeks after a major tournament and it’s straight back to the grind. Many of the players who are with us now, if you analyze their situation they have too short a break before they are reintegrated into their clubs in pre-season. It’s simply not enough’’ Germany’s Joachim Low said.

Surprisingly enough, Germany is sitting on the 3rd spot of their group with 4 points having been gathered so far after 3 matches.

Poland and Republic of Ireland are the leaders of Group D with both nations at the top with 7 points. Despite the slow start of Germany in these qualifying stages for the 2016 Euro’s, Germany still are heavy favorites on winning their upcoming matches and start climbing spots and eventually secure a qualifying spot for them to travel to France which is where the upcoming international tournament is going to be held.