Germany performances not been top class

Germany’s performances post their World Cup glory have not been top class if they are analysed honestly.

They have had a couple of shocking results, but, there is no sense of panic in the team management.

According to Oliver Bierhoff, one of the key men in the decision making set up of the World Champions, the head coach is trying to deploy a new system and the players need time to adjust to it.

In most of the games recently, Germany has not played a central striker upfront. Their formation has been 3-4-3 which is pretty different from what it was in Brazil.

And, this formation does not seem to be working at all. The results versus Poland and Ireland were largely due to it. The players looked clueless. Most of them were unsure what they were supposed to do and in such situation, when the individuals don’t clearly know what kind of role they are performing, it’s always difficult to put on a good team effort.

According to Bierhoff though, it’s about a bit of patience at this point of time.

Speaking to the reporters yesterday, Bierhoff said, “Whenever you try to make some change in the system, it takes time especially in international Football because the players don’t often play with each other.”

“As the months pass by and there are more and more games played, the boys will eventually adjust and it will start falling in place for us.”

When asked about the team’s next game against Georgia, the 46-year old former Germany International replied, “We want to win there, but, it would not be a walk in the park and we know that. But, I believe if everybody plays as per the talent, we would be on the right side at the end.”