19 thoughts on “Good save by Malaysia’s goalkeeper (FIFA World Cup Qualifier Match, 28 July 2011)

  1. @YourLadySiska yes! fan club on facebook,u just have to search it ‘khairul fahmi che mat’..and he is purely malay 🙂

  2. mase Malaysia won piala suzuki, this guy was the backbone. Mase lwn Singapore smlm, Apek once again prove his awesomeness. now only 22 years old, without doubt he’ll be the best goalkeeper malaysia ever had. who knows he’ll be the best in asia in 2 or 3 years time. datuk rajagopal, pls wake up. maintain khairul fahmi aka apek as our 1st goalkeeper. tho sarbinee is older, but apek was born with precious gold hand. our one in a million. kalola apek yg jd keeper time 1st leg kt singapore ari tu…

  3. Singapore win congratulations from Malaysian diehard fan, For our young cub team, anggaplah its learning curve, keep your head down , keep practices and moving forward. love you from Malaysian in Dubai

  4. Nothing beats a msia-spore game! And like this part of the game! Excellent shot by the spore player and wonderful save by the keeper. Is there a fan club for the keeper? He looks like a Japanese (although I understand msia tagline of 100% pure msian players).

  5. apek jauh lg better than sharbinee .. Entah mcmane 5 gol boleh bolos .. Ape2 pon malaysia boleh !!!

  6. I am a Singaporean.. But I’ve to admit Khairul Fahmi is very good 🙂
    Good game for both team!

  7. TEAM MALAYSIA NO FOREIGN PLAYERS, semua anak jati Malaysia

    keeper sgpore lembik mengada2… rasa cm nak siku je kepalanya…

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