24 thoughts on “Italia 90 World Cup England vs West Germany

  1. Will England ever get back to a final? I hope so. It’s been such fine margins over the years.

  2. i get sick and tired of seeing england always getting played unfairfly. yes sometimes we play crap but wtf. that fucking lines man was a blind cunt at 2010 world cup. 1 goal changes everything, you get so much more confident but when things like that happen you just cbb especailly against germany. england always get knocked out by penalties or unfair gameplay

  3. Mate, you cant look at football in that way. 1 goal changes EVERYTHING, had it been 2-2 at half-time we would not have been chasing for the equaliser in the seconds half, and therefore wouldn’t leave ourselves open for the counter attack, which was how the 3rd and 4th German goal was scored.

  4. Gazza = Football Genius
    Beckham = Marketing Genius
    Rooney = Overated.

    Gazza was the last truly world class English player and England hero, fact. 1990 and 96, the last time the nation truly got behind the country. Those were the days when wearing the national shirt meant something,

  5. England have had horrible luck in the world cups ( except the one in 1966 of course )….This semifinal….David Beckam’s red card in ’98….Lampard’s “disallowed” goal in 2010…..i could name a lot of other games but they won’t fit in a comment

  6. Mr Lineker if u r reading this for me you are the greatest striker Englands ever produced can u imagine a United Kingdom team with these players in the same generation. Bobby Moore Des Walker Defence, Chris Waddle Sweeper, Paul Gascoigne, Glen Hoddle, Trevor Brooking, Frank Lampard, Bryon Robson, Steven Gerard and George Best Midfield. Gary of course with Kevin Keegan and Kenny Daglish strikers unstoppable players and what great football it would be to watch. Also J. Barnes and M.Owen

  7. Ireland – Draw
    Holland – Draw
    Egypt – Win

    Belgium – win AET
    Cameroon win

    Was it THAT impressive?

  8. We were so unlucky that night, the deflection, waddle hitting the post, everything went wrong when it mattered.

  9. I would have wanted the 1990 squad to win the world cup instead of the 2012 squad.Because the 1990 players had so much passion

  10. Paul Gasciogne, Gary Lineker, Chris Waddle, Peter Beardsley… some of the greatest English players I have ever seen. What a great team. My biggest memory of this game was Chris Waddle hitting the post in extra time. Just imagine, had that gone in it would have been England playing the severely depleted Argentina in the final, with a great chance to win it. Germany are the luckiest bastards in world football.

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