14 thoughts on “Italy vs Paraguay (FIFA World Cup 2010)

  1. those fucking horns are just like a swarm of bees all fucking game

  2. Italy will show up in 2014. I don’t know what the fuck happened in 2010.
    Alot of the blame has to fall on Lippi because the talent has always been
    with the Azzurri.

  3. I’d say at this point the only teams that are stronger than Italy are Spain
    and Germany. Netherlands, Brazil and Argentina are in the same boat. Can’t
    wait to see Giuseppe Rossi and Balotelli lead the strikeforce for the WC. I
    hope Prandelli recalls Cassano and even considers Di Natale rather than
    shit players like Cerci and Gilardino

  4. Europe will never beat south america. South america is the king of futbol.
    The best in the world and cannot be compared to Mediocre teams in europe.
    Conmebol is the best

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