25 thoughts on “Italy – World cup 2006 – Highlights

  1. Italy = A Real World Cup Champion
    Spain = Product of Today’s Football Corruption (The Worst World Cup Champions)

  2. Odio dirlo ma questo mondiale lo abbiamo conquistato anche grazie a Materazzi!! Grazie comunque..

  3. Fixed!!!! Dirty italian cheaters!!!
    Austrailia Should have killed Italian BITCHESE..

  4. Such a disgusting team. 19 Italian players involved in Fixed games. Juventus coach is to be summoned for the involvement as well. A country where the likes of Berlusconi the pedophile prevails..

  5. what the hell was the ghana defender doing at 1:04? i’m guessing that match was probably fixed

  6. haha well they are not the best team at the moment but i can bet that they beat your country team 10 times in a row. italy played very good fotball 2006 and won a well-deserved title. italy was the best team soo stfu and accept it your dumb fuck. FORZA AZZURRI!

  7. love..love..love of my life…italia …want to see italia champion euro 2012

  8. Every time I watch highlights from this world cup I get chills, I can’t wait for Euro 2012, we’ve got some new young talent and things are looking good, FORZA ITALIA!

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