25 thoughts on “Italy – World cup 2006 – Highlights

  1. Italy = A Real World Cup Champion
    Spain = Product of Today’s Football Corruption (The Worst World Cup Champions)

  2. Odio dirlo ma questo mondiale lo abbiamo conquistato anche grazie a Materazzi!! Grazie comunque..

  3. Fixed!!!! Dirty italian cheaters!!!
    Austrailia Should have killed Italian BITCHESE..

  4. Such a disgusting team. 19 Italian players involved in Fixed games. Juventus coach is to be summoned for the involvement as well. A country where the likes of Berlusconi the pedophile prevails..

  5. what the hell was the ghana defender doing at 1:04? i’m guessing that match was probably fixed

  6. haha well they are not the best team at the moment but i can bet that they beat your country team 10 times in a row. italy played very good fotball 2006 and won a well-deserved title. italy was the best team soo stfu and accept it your dumb fuck. FORZA AZZURRI!

  7. Every time I watch highlights from this world cup I get chills, I can’t wait for Euro 2012, we’ve got some new young talent and things are looking good, FORZA ITALIA!

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