Lowe reveals opinions

The current champions of the world, Germany breezed right through everyone and everything in their path in their journey of being claimed as the best national team in the planet. Germany only received 4 goals in the 2014 World Cup including all of their group stages matches all the way through the final match against Argentina.

Joachim Low, the head coach of the German team is one of the main figures that made it happen as he is highly regarded to be as one of the best managers in the world and has revealed his opinion concerning the upcoming matches of his squad.

“For me, it is perfectly clear: the months leading up to the end of the year will be incredibly hard. We have players who are tired, affected physically and who haven’t recovered emotionally after the World Cup. First of all, we have to take a step back, solidify ourselves and try to find the players who are in the best physical condition and are not battling against injuries. The really difficult matches will be in October against Poland and Ireland’’. Low told the media.

The 54 year old German manager of Germany believes that the remaining matches of the ongoing year will be difficult for his players as they still have not completed recovered from their World Cup as some of them picked up injuries while others have gone immediately to play with their respective clubs and things will be even more agitated for certain German players as the Champions League is on the horizon.

Before the 2014 World Cup had started, Spain was widely considered to be the best national team in the world and every team wanted to take their crown away but now all eyes all being locked on Germany as they are the new champions and squads are eager to prove their worth by facing off against the side of Joachim Low and the 2016 Euro’s is the ideal scenario for nations to accomplish this task.