25 thoughts on “Netherlands v Romania 4-0 | World Cup Qualifier Goals and Highlights | 26-03-2013

  1. the fourth goal was scored by Jermain Lens (PSV Eindhoven)
    and it is not m’villa it is m’vila with a single ”l” and he’s a french and plays for Rubin Kazan (he just got transferred from Stade Rennes)

  2. What you mean by big? Is England big? If so who cares, England play poor football. The Netherlands always have the potential to win. If you mean big as in the impact they have, well then Holland are a big team as their fluid football over the years has had a tremendous impact. Montenegro aren’t a hard team anyway. The Netherlands would’ve won that game with Van Gaal. No idea what you’re on about.

  3. Holland thinks they are a big team but they are not they play easy teams look at England 1-1

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