25 thoughts on “Netherlands vs. Spain World Cup Match (SImulated using FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa)

  1. Hey look please help me, when i start captain your country, i choose create my own player then i export it and then when i won the cup then i add the trained version of it to my offline games, then when i make another new own player, and win the last match and press yes when they ask if i wanted to add my player to offline game modes then all my own created players are deleted

  2. @MadFella90 not to be rude and spoil your fanboy rant here but why do you care its a sport, it dosent matter in the grand scheem of life so please just shut up thanx

  3. @MadFella90 hey relax, you know why? because nobody gives a fuck alright? The USA is on the rise and its not your call to say shit, so with all due respect, FUCK OFF

  4. Sorry but wen americans talk about football.. 2 ne it sounds lije they dont hav a clue bout football!!! And usally they dont american commentary / analysis is rubbish in the US

  5. @DownwardGoose fosho we have time to enjoy the world cup before we win it again

  6. @DownwardGoose i did enjoy it but i just wanna tell them it to help them to make it better next time

  7. @MJfanNumber11 i was expecting an awesome comeback thats why i called u that european soccer nerd

  8. i just wanna say that the spanish goly is iker casillas and he has a career before the world cup so get some information before u make a video like that

  9. @HeroicPancake HAHAHAHA FUCKING DUMB AMERICAN its football not soccer u american shit ass and go eat some hamburgers be fat u son of a bitch

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