25 thoughts on “Pierluigi Collina 【2002 FIFA World Cup】

  1. @Sunvalley92 The only refferee where players had respect for, Nowadays players look at refferees like their are a joke, Players dont take refferees serious anymore, because refferees nowadays are a bunch of clowns!

  2. The best referee in all time. To compare Collina to Howard Webb is an insult for Collina, you got to love the control he had in every game.

  3. love the fact he runs with a smile on his face! all these divers from Spain and Portugal nowadays would shit a brick if they saw him reffing a game

  4. @Gencturk92, also a bald fucker, maybe i should become a ref! however have you tried reffing? i’m telling you it’s not easy at all and i’ve played football for 20+ years

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