25 thoughts on “1998 World Cup Argentina vs England

  1. We, the argies won, but the english played great that day, I remember. After Bekham was out, it was difficult for Eng.

  2. I have never been a Beckham fan but that red card was the worst referring decision i have ever seen. No wonder England felt ripped off.

  3. @sergi0ram0s23 les gustaría a los uruguayos y paraguayos tener la mejor selección de sudamerica… está bien, están en un buen momento, pero tanto como para decir que son los mejores?

  4. @fighter91 beating us recently? man the only match I remember we lost against Uruguay recently is the Copa America one. Ok, It was an important one, but it was just one

  5. man Michael Owen was so good when he was young! 2 bad too many injuries robbed him of his wonderfull talent & skill on the field..

  6. Arg vs Engl, alwayz a Grreat match-up!! Too bad the Ref missed the Argie’s foul against Beckham o_o

  7. @sergi0ram0s23 Nah I’d disagree. Argentina has a long history of losing to Germany while Uruguay have only started beating them recently.

  8. @juansonderegger tio, los uruguayos tienen la mejor seleccion de america i despues es paraguay

  9. @sergi0ram0s23 man, you can’t say Uruguay is our karma just ’cause of one game. Anyway, they are improving a lot their football.

  10. Argentina is England’s karma, as well as Germany is our’s karma (i am from Argentina)

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