25 thoughts on “usa vs brazil ( penalty shoot highlights – women world cup )

  1. You people are retarded. These comments refer to players that participated in the game (alex Morgan, Shanon Box Carly), but were not the reason they won. If you want to thank somepone thank Megan Rapinoe who made this whole thing happen (and is the sexiest player on the team) and Wambach the the actuall hero.

  2. Alex Morgan is sexy as is Hope solo – as much as I love soccer, that was half of what kept me interested in this game

  3. If you look closely, the Brazilian goalkeeper moves ahead off the line before every kick is taken. If the USA were to miss any PKs, they would have been retaken.

  4. …..lol wow whatever you used to catpture this definately have some good quality…it didn’t capture the corner blurs from your screen.

  5. This was definitely the best game I had ever watched in my life and I keep cheering every time I watch the game even though I know what happens by heart. And the game always makes me smile no matter how many times I watch it. GO USA!!! Bring the gold from London next year!!!! 🙂

  6. Everybody look at Hope Solo at 1:40. That’s called SWAG. Only the best can do it and it takes years to develop.

  7. gibt es hier vielleicht auch nette U:S girls die einfach nur mit mir schreiben wollen ich steh in letzter zeit nämlich voll auf diesen dunklen teint von denen also wenn jemand von euch mit mir schreiben möchte bitte tut euch keinen zwang an

  8. The American women should come over to England and teach our male players how to take penalties in tournament shootouts.

  9. @Laur033
    Nah. Brazil benefited from poor refereeing to get back in the game. Justice was done.

  10. @Laur033 Why watch? Just too hate. Abby’s goal was not luck but the skill of the American team, she willed her team and never gave up even down a man. First Brazil goal was a joke. First Marta tackled the American defender, then Hope Solo saves the shot and no one knows why it was called back. FIFA said it was because Solo moved off her line which never happened, also Brazil’s second goal was offsides plain and clear, Brazil had no heart. The PK’s were a walk in the park for Hope Solo and co.

  11. A crushing, thoroughly devastating loss…in every way…for Brazil. When you’ve cheated via pre-planned, practiced theatrics, and even had the ref’s in your corner, and yet you STILL lose???? Oy vey!! Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

  12. After seeing solo that gave me a reason to watch womens soccer they play great and are cute, pretty, and HOT!

  13. @clau1580
    You can’t claim respect, you must earn it – simple as that. The rest of your post is just stupid though…

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