6 thoughts on “2010 FIFA World Cup – Paraguay vs Spain (Quarter-Finals) – Part 2

  1. @TonArnhem valdez was not in an offside position but his team mate (I think it was alcaraz). Although he did not touch the ball, when he runs to chase the ball he participates in the game, therefore he is in offside. By the way, i agree, the referee was a shame.

  2. @666CaoCao
    i do not calm down. in fact, i do not care or spain won this match, or paraguay would have done it.
    but is is simply another very big mistake of a referee, and i am very surprised that herr in the netherlands noboy noticed it.

    and indeed, he made more mistakes. the goal of valdez was not offside, because valdez simply was not, and the other attacker did not influence the game.

  3. @TonArnhem Calm down – i agree the ref was shit, Fabregas should have had a penalty and the paraguay defender should have been sent off. Nice job on beating Brazil.

  4. what about the mistake the referee made at paraguay”s penalty? the spanish players entered the area before the penalty was taken, the goalkeeper stopped it, so it should have been a re-run, similar tot the penalty of´╗┐ Spain 1 minute later…
    nobody, i repeat nobody, noticed this!!!!

  5. Congratulations spanish! Was great to watch! Viva EU-countries! Next Germany…Huh!
    Ball is round.

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