24 thoughts on “world cup outtakes

  1. And did they win the World Cup? neeeww.
    Reach the final? S/F? Q/F? noo, nooo, noooo.

    Song titles – my arse. Amateur clowning wanks. Even lost to Romania in the group stages, the knobs.

  2. horrible editing. made it very unfunny. i dont want to see someones opinion. show me these guys naming shit.

  3. For a second I was like wait there wasn’t a bbc three in 1998 then I realised it was a talking heads program…I feel really stupid now :P!

    To be fair to the press I wouldn’t have caught on either, most of what footballers and pundits say is just cliches and well worn sayings much like song titles!

    Also hope the team does well this WC, they are my surrogate since Scotland’s football team blows goats!

  4. World Cup in France 1998: the England Soccer Team makes a secret bet to see who can get the most song titles into live television interviews.

  5. wow they are really quick. i don’t know many song titles off the top of my head.

  6. “just my imagination’, ‘its all over now’. hahahha knew theyd throw some stones in there

  7. Shit england squad, focusing on some shit gag. What a load of shit. Shit players.

  8. tony adams was concentrating so hard trying to think of song titles while being asked the questions

  9. Oh man this was when you could actually support the England team. Just don’t give a fuck about todays bunch of over paid wankers.

  10. This Is Genius! ROFL
    Alan Shearer just couldn’t keep a straight face man LMAO! “It’s just your imagination Ray!”

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