According to FIFA, It’s Possible to have 48-Team Tournament

Qatar has got all the rights to host the World Cup of 2022 World Cup. This is the first time ever that a nation from the Middle East is hosting FIFA, back in 2010.

The key committee for Delivery and Legacy spokes person, who is taking care of whole infrastructure and planning of the 2022 event, recently said, “Qatar has opened all the possibilities to have an open discussion regarding the expansion of things since last year. The country by its efforts wanted to make sure that this tournament belongs “to the entire the Middle East and Arab World”

He further added that “We are working under the guidelines of FIFA and will keep on working to determine whether or not a practical model of operation does exist and most importantly, to check if things are in the best interests for the game of football as well as for the tournament taking place along with the host nation Qatar.”

Post all these consultations, FIFA and Qatar will take the final decision. Till the time we reach to that conclusion, we will keep on working for hosting a World Cup of 32-team in 2022 that will be hosted in Qatar.” The governing body of World football has made this clear already that the tournament of 2026 will be hosted jointly by the US, Mexico, and Canada. The tournament will have 48 participating teams. However, this decision was taken before the bidding process concluded.

According to the reports, FIFA has identified stadia in Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia as possible venues for upcoming 2022 World Cup football venues and it needs to be expanded. According to the current situation, the diplomatic impasse going on between Qatar and its neighbors of the Middle East and Gulf, Oman and Kuwait are possibly the only genuine options as potential co-hosts of the event.