25 thoughts on “Brazil Vs France – Fifa World Cup 2006 – Zidane Skill

  1. The shit people say if Ronaldinho wanted to or ROnaldo felt this or Roberto Carlos didnt feel like it, shut up. France was better than Brazil. France had about 60% possession, more shots and more corners and less yellow cards,

  2. has any one seen france play these days, there so good now than in 2010. but if they had zidane then there would be no competition

  3. @raysalsa1 Slight correction there, he played in the third match, but was rushed on and wasnt fit to play

  4. Brazil were not in their form, i was surprised how they played in WC 2006? WTF, Ronaldinho? if he wanted to play then believe me he would have made a night mare to the French fans

  5. @raysalsa1
    Remember how good George best was and how good Cantona was too. George Best is arguably the best ever.

  6. @tedz0999 Man but this music is ok with good art, and that is what zidane was showing us.

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