25 thoughts on “Spain vs. Germany World Cup Match (SImulated using FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa)

  1. Hey look please help me, when i start captain your country, i choose create my own player then i export it and then when i won the cup then i add the trained version of it to my offline games, then when i make another new own player, and win the last match and press yes when they ask if i wanted to add my player to offline game modes then all my own created players are deleted

  2. at the begin he say’s.. oeh what’s up Spanish chick.. SHE IS PAINTED WITH THE GERMAN FLAG ON HER FACE FFS !!!!!

  3. @ki123an Oh, come on now, America is ignorant about soccer, not just these two. As a soccer aficionado I’m just glad two Americans got into the World Cup enough to do this. I’m standing up for their ignorance of pronunciation, not their ignorance of soccer. That never came into it. Or did you even realize that?

  4. @Mickey2315 Just face it, these guys are ignorant and stop hating on Mrfluffytoilet. He speaks the truth whereas you try to stand up for these two guys that don’t know a thing bout football.

  5. @MrFluffytoilet Oh, hey, I’m a top-rated comment. That’s cool, I guess. Now my inbox gets to get blasted with idiots telling me to shut the fuck up in an acronym because it takes too long to type 16 characters by having to search for every letter and poke at it like it’s a dead body.

  6. Holy hell people, lay off. You realize that in American English, ‘Klose’ is pronounced ‘Close’. Ever hear a Hispanic announcer pronounce ‘Landon Donovan’? They’re professionals, and the best they can come up with is Donbwan. So shut it. Not everybody can have knowledge of 150 cultures, languages and practices.

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