25 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup 2010 TOP 10 GOALS

  1. From being forced to mute 1000 football compilations I have come to the conclusion that 009 sound system are the worst musicians of all time…..at least Rebecca Black makes me laugh

  2. Thomas muller got the golden boot how was not a single goal of his in this video

  3. Bafana Bafana!!! That was such a fitting way to open World Cup 2010 scoring…I was so happy for the country of South Africa and for the whole African continent!

  4. cmon, iniestas goal has to be in here…. world cup finals goal in ot with 4 min left……

  5. @Ronaldinho10MJ23 what r u talking about, that goal was nasty, got past 4 guys then a goal….

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