25 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 – Official Video

  1. So whats going on in Brazil, it seems that they are in the same path of the South Africans, last minute rush jobs and a crap WC.
    Has there been any development besides FIFA critique? I think it’s too much for Brazil to handle while still hosting the Olympics.

  2. Euro 2012 will be the best in history, becouse its in my country^^ and Ukraine is beautiful also. But the best mundial will be in 2014. Cant wait^^

  3. @hmviana This video is a big lie, I’ll gave you an example regarding investments that they are talking about, until this moment, nothing was done except, the begging of some of the stadiums. I believe that when the cup is occurring, will be normally see children asking for money or food, I’m not exaggerating as I live in São Paulo and in the majority of traffic lights are people doing it and the most of then are drugged. In this video, Brazil is a lie that our government wants sale for the world

  4. If you plain came to World Cup of Brazil, take care with your helth, because the possibility of die in a brazilian hospital is greater then die at Iraq, Afeganistan or Fukushima reactor, I live in Brazil and I`m able to see it here hahahahahahah

  5. @OliverCXJ eh, mas nos temos q torcer pra q tudo der certo, mas claro sem deixar de realista.

  6. @MLukasMP Concordo…tomara q nem tenha copa nessa bosta,,,Pra copa esses politios demerda arrumam os estadios…e os hospitais e as escolas enquanto isso???
    E os aeroportos..hahaha..ta loco..trabalho no ramo..e nao vai dar certo..

  7. Tomara que nem tenha copa nessa bosta de País…
    Will be the worst world cup….Sorry brazilian…

  8. @JulinhaCroix _ E quem lembra do Rio ? Faz muito tempo que não há o menor comentário . O Rio lembra dos roceiros para pedir ajuda para resolver os problemas das encostas , das chuvas , da falta de água e comida . O Rio sofre desses fragelos por quê só tem vagabundo que não trabralha , se tivesse trabalhando isto não acontecia .

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