25 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 – Official Video

  1. La copa tiene qe regresar a su hogar en las Americas. LA HISTORIA LO DEMANDA!

  2. So whats going on in Brazil, it seems that they are in the same path of the South Africans, last minute rush jobs and a crap WC.
    Has there been any development besides FIFA critique? I think it’s too much for Brazil to handle while still hosting the Olympics.

  3. Euro 2012 will be the best in history, becouse its in my country^^ and Ukraine is beautiful also. But the best mundial will be in 2014. Cant wait^^

  4. @hmviana This video is a big lie, I’ll gave you an example regarding investments that they are talking about, until this moment, nothing was done except, the begging of some of the stadiums. I believe that when the cup is occurring, will be normally see children asking for money or food, I’m not exaggerating as I live in São Paulo and in the majority of traffic lights are people doing it and the most of then are drugged. In this video, Brazil is a lie that our government wants sale for the world

  5. If you plain came to World Cup of Brazil, take care with your helth, because the possibility of die in a brazilian hospital is greater then die at Iraq, Afeganistan or Fukushima reactor, I live in Brazil and I`m able to see it here hahahahahahah

  6. @OliverCXJ eh, mas nos temos q torcer pra q tudo der certo, mas claro sem deixar de realista.

  7. @MLukasMP Concordo…tomara q nem tenha copa nessa bosta,,,Pra copa esses politios demerda arrumam os estadios…e os hospitais e as escolas enquanto isso???
    E os aeroportos..hahaha..ta loco..trabalho no ramo..e nao vai dar certo..

  8. Tomara que nem tenha copa nessa bosta de País…
    Will be the worst world cup….Sorry brazilian…

  9. @JulinhaCroix _ E quem lembra do Rio ? Faz muito tempo que não há o menor comentário . O Rio lembra dos roceiros para pedir ajuda para resolver os problemas das encostas , das chuvas , da falta de água e comida . O Rio sofre desses fragelos por quê só tem vagabundo que não trabralha , se tivesse trabalhando isto não acontecia .

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