25 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup 2014 Movie – Vive Le Football (HD)

  1. Maracanã will only get a Selecao´s match if Brazil makes it to the final. Thats how confident we are that Brazil WILL be in the final.

  2. How will the world end in 2012 when Brazil will still host the FIFA World Cup 2014 in, well, 2014? o.O

  3. It doesn’t matter man… It’s all for the love of the beautiful game. Whether it’s football, futbol, futebol, soccer 🙂

  4. Simply amazing, everything just goes so well together. And I agree with the description, 2006 world cup was better then 2010. Hope this 2014 world cup is as good.

  5. amazing video bro, i hope you can make another video of 2006 world cup longer , this video gives me goosebumps. Thanks ;)

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