23 thoughts on “Germany – South Korea 1-0 [FIFA World Cup Semi Final 2002 Highlights]

  1. I bet you just looked at the results of games, and didn’t actually watch a single one of them.

  2. Good thing Germany won this game against South Korea just imagine if South Korea cheated again!! World War 3 would have began hahahaha

  3. Dude , back in 2002 Korea was pure crap , doing fouls all the time and the refs wouldnt even pay attention ! It was such a scam !

  4. Man, you don’t know a shit about football… Korea has a great team in that tournament there are so many player can prove that like Park ji sun

  5. they quite litterally kicked them. they probably jealous of europeans bigger dicks since koreans have small ones

  6. its not like the koreans did any thing to desrve the pushes in the spain match, if it even happened

  7. LOOOOL Korea would have played at 7 or 6 with all their assaults on other players, dont confuse Football and martial arts, dummy.

  8. Korea played well against Italy, but against Spain was a game stoled. I think Korea had to stay in quarter finals, because the referree null 2 goals normals from Spain.

  9. I understand your point, and it’s unfortunate for the Italians and Spaniards in 2002, but what’s done is done. It’s life. You move on.
    You also have to admit that Korea DID play good football, just Italy and Spain played a little better (which should be expected), and Korea got some help from the refs. Most of the best players in Korean football history was on that team. Maybe not the semis, but Korea definitely deserved the win against Portugal and a spot in the Round of 16.

  10. I was just trying to point out that Korea wouldn’t have been destroyed, like most people are trying to make it out to be, but would have been a handed a respectable 1-0 or 2-0 loss.

  11. It’s nice and all that Spain and Italy are World champions now but what about the players in 2002? What about those players that deserved to be treated like heroes if they brought back the cup back then. It just saddens me to see justice unserved till the semi-finals. Who knows, Italy or Spain could’ve won the cup back then. I’d rather see them go through than SK who we know would never beat Brazil back then in 2002, Brazil was unstoppable but maybe Italy or Spain could’ve had a chance.

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