German Football Impact by Terrorist Attack

It could have turned out to be the darkest day of German Football if the ill intention of the terrorists had been fulfilled on Tuesday, but, fortunately, the damage remained limited to just an injury to a player for which everyone should be thankful to the almighty.

When Borussia Dortmund, one of the top flight teams in Germany, was transported to their home stadium to take on the visitors Monaco in the first leg of the Round of 8 tie of the European Cup, three back to back blasts took place in a space of few seconds as the bus was crossing through a locality called Hoechsten.

It was absolutely horrifying for the players being seated in the bus at that time as they had no idea what happened and what it was going to lead to. One of the players named Roman Burki shared his experience and according to him, the first reaction of the players was just to get into a safe position somehow and most of them got down on their chests as nobody was sure how many more blasts were in store.

However, nothing more happened after that and from the earlier blasts as well, not much damage was caused except to one player named Marc Bartra who was close to a window that broke because of the impact of the explosion and some parts of it hit his body. He sustained a fracture in one of the hands and had to go under the knife later, but, he was alright after the operation.

The shock generated by the incident was however immense and even though every player except Bartra was physically fine, nobody was in the right mental shape to take the pitch that day. So, the game was abandoned for the day and was rescheduled the next day.