The Three Lions will meet with the Die Mannschaff of German when both teams reunite for a 50 year rivalry game in November.

The game is set to hold at the National Stadium in Singapore and was inspired by the recently concluded European tournaments, organizers say. They said they wanted to relive one of the internationally renowned football rivalry top reward local Singapore fans for their support all through the years.

Many years back, in one of the most iconic games Geoff Hurst scored a hat trick at the World Cup final. The feat made him the final, and still, the only player to have scored three goals at the final game of the World Cup and the organizers Masters Football Asia have announced that prominent stars that featured for both countries are set to play in the 80 minute, 11-a-side match on the 12th of the month. The game will be played on the 50th anniversary of the 1996 World Cup final where the hosts England lost to West Germany 4-2 after the extra time. When they had the opportunity in 1990, they lost again at the 1990 World cup semi finals. In 1996, through penalty shootout, hosts England lost to Germany again but at the semi finals of the European championship.

The organizers are yet to list all the players but they have announced few players on each side that are sure to represent. The English team will be led by Teddy Sheringham, a former Spurs and Red Devils player. He will be joined by former Liverpool and Madrid player Steve McManaman. Then there’s Darren Anderton, Emile Heskey and Des Walker. Lothar Matthaeus will appear for the Germand along with Thomas Haessler, Guido Bachwald, Jens Nowotny and Dietmar Hamann. The former players say they are eager to return to the pitch and continue the age old duel.