25 thoughts on “Official Opening & Logo, FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014

  1. I think that a team that no one expected will win. ( that’s just my thought.)

  2. فيديو رائع…..وانشاءالله يكون مونديال رائع……

  3. Fora Copa 2014 no Brasil… Educação e Saúde já!!!
    Povo Brasileiro – Assistam e Acordem Para a Realidade do nosso País, mudança já: /watch?v=yFkt0O7lceA

  4. id like to see usa do something in this world cup and hopefully refs wont call bs calls

  5. I’d have to say it’ll most likely be either germany or spain (not to win, just the finals) hope these 5 teams make it tho!
    1. Argentina
    2. Spain
    3. Germany
    4. Italy
    5. Brazil

  6. @Herb615 Omg but all the great playerts will retire from fotball 2014 but argentina will still have messi!

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