25 thoughts on “Machinima Replay – FIFA World Cup, USA v England, E3, NBA Finals 5, 2MD ft JJ Center


    4.LOOK AT YOUR HAND… See More

  3. @basse264

    Why am I not surprised to see another retarded, immature, homophobic idiot on YouTube?

  4. @transworld112, Nahh he doesn’t. It was an accident, the ball does bobble alot.

  5. @jay8979780 In fact this conversation is so funny, and pathetic, it’s going on 4chan…

  6. @jay8979780 Your in denial and you know it, I not even reading your comments xD Haha and you keep calling me kid when your 15 years old and you don’t know what a tween is? you are fail, everything you’ve said about, telling me I’ve lost, Telling me to quit…..It’s all what I’ve already said about you, the tables have turned.

  7. @Xenogalaxy79 denial in what? again u replied with uhm nothing? still can’t accept u lost? damn, is it that hard to know in the end u were wrong and i was right? ur the one whos in denial kid. keep replying with ur stupid replies that have absolutely nothing to do this arguement. but in reality you know how stupid you sound and how wrong u are. kids always want the last word. but o well aslong as you REALLY know u lost. thats good enough for me lol. i r king

  8. @Xenogalaxy79 wtf is a tween lmfao. i like runescape? who said i liked runescape lmfao. ever heard of quitting idiot? id still play it if the people who made runescape were smart enough to realize they ruined the game. you went through my channel? how desperate can this guy get lol seriously. are you guys that deseperate about winning an arguement you know already lost? so you bring up a whole different subject? i read everything and u didn’t predict shit. damn how hard is it to know you lost.

  9. @jay8979780 Haha I just went on your channel! you are a tween, you like runescape thats fail enough, everything I’ve predicted about you is correct, wait….that means…..your a fag too! stop digging a deeper hole for yourself.

  10. @jay8979780 You seriously think, I’m going to read that, the first sentence was exactly the same, I can see you now desperately trying to type up whatever somes into your head, it was a good try, but your never going to pass troll scholl at this rate, don’t get butthurt “Kid”

  11. @Xenogalaxy79 oh man, i told u this kid wouldn’t reply lmfao. how come this time you did not capitalize beginning of your sentences. no more perfect grammar now eh? lls kid, you know your done and you have nothing else to say. seeing as this time you had uhm 1 sentence? ouch i know i ts hard to accept defeat but sorry u got told sir. i guess you trying to tell me u give up? np kid

  12. @Xenogalaxy79 yes u replied but it had nothing to do with what i was trying to tell you. rofl, so uhm sorry but u failed to reply to ME. idiot fucking grammar nazi. rlly? i just noticed you’ve capitalized every letter at the beginning of your sentences. but not the others. see how stupid you are? doing all this to prove you’ve got grammar? c,mon you know thats not how u type. fucking stupid. oh if u reply again pls be on topic not some other shit idgaf about. kthxbai

  13. @jay8979780 I have replied to every comment you’ve posted, Don’t call me “kid” thats clearly showing your still trying to pull it off and also I’m not a grammar nazi, I’m giving evidence that you clearly are fail. I just know your only saying your kidding because you’ve only realised how much you suck at trolling.
    and don’t bother replying ”
    Do not want”
    “You’ve done goofed”

    now “srsly” GTFO….

  14. @Xenogalaxy79 funny, they all resort to grammar. why didn’t you reply to me on the right subject. sorry about the lasto ne i thought i was responding to some other kid lol. srsly? c,mon you know i mean’t seriously kid don’t actl ike u don’t know. yeh and its funny u didn’t reply to my first comment because you know i’m right. oh and what was with the twat 😀 thing. i thought you weren’t mad. but i guess it took you a while to comeback heh. well tobad its not on topic. grammar nazi.

  15. @jay8979780 you not understand the concept of that comment, If you could actually read and define basic grammar you would, and yes, you obviously are a tween, “srsly”? what sort faggot like word is that, read it again, out loud, google it if you can I’m sure it will clear things up for you in your, small, sexual confused mind.

  16. @Xenogalaxy79 you seriously think your mom jokes are trolling? it was meant to be a joke. wow….. taking your mother jokes srsly? kids these days..

  17. foolish little wannbe troll lesson 1: it is fail to attempt to troll someone if they posted their comment more than 3 days ago, were you disowned by 4chan or ED because of your fail, or are you a 13 yr old tween who found out about trolling and decided to try it out, whats next a yo momma joke? STFU and GTFO…

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