25 thoughts on “Playthrough Part 2: England v Algeria ft. Rooney & Bougherra (FIFA World Cup 2010) Sports

  1. I’m loving this commentary, good job JX.

    BTW everyone, JX’s new channel is: “JayEx23”. 🙂

  2. Well,the score in real life match, Algeria 0 – England 0..and guess wat ..Algeria was pressing and having the midfield , even time of possession was with Algeria 53 % to 47 % for England..someone need to edit the Algerian team’s tactics and strategy on this game correctly …lol

  3. I put my penis in my dogs vagina and im wondering if she can get pregnant cause if she does my mom will kill me?

  4. A third rate football player In England earns more than our prime Minister.
    They really think they are something special earning all this money but they are totally crap when stacked up against world opposition.
    As they have amply demonstrated.
    The mighty algeria and USA.
    Slovenia only has 2 million population so they might just get a fluky win there.
    It wont be through pride and passion though.
    They cant even sing the national anthem.

  5. England are to change their shirts for the next game,the 3 lions will be replaced with 3 tampons as the fannies are going through a bad period

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