25 thoughts on “Spain 5-0 Belgium – World Cup 2010 Qualifying 05/09/09

  1. man villa was so good back here
    he still good but not as dominant like he played for valencia

  2. @krishthedude1 Probably… against the second team of Spain: Reina, Cesc, Silva, Navas, Mata, Llorente, Torres…uhhh no, maybe against th U21, maybe.

  3. If Belgium plays against Spain at the World Cup 2014 with this team:
    – Goalie: Courtois (or Mignolet)
    – Defenders: Kompany, Alderweireld, Vermaelen, Vertonghen
    – Midfielders: Chadli, Witsel, Mertens
    – Attack: Hazard, Lukaku, Mirallas

    They might have a chance.. =)

  4. @krishthedude1 *you mean Belgium would give a better fight but they would still loose 3 nil or more so sure… hazard is god but not on his own can he touch spain… fabregas xavi iniesta torres villa silva are at a higher standard and there are way more than just one hazard so rethink what you said 🙂 they will the world cup and euros again cuz there youngster are too sik aswell

  5. @L3g3ndkill4 lol well u never know in mmyyyy opinion philippines are better than the US and if theres a soccer game US vs Philippenes id definitly go for philippenes!

  6. if belgium meet spain in 2012 euro spain will probably gonna lose.
    The rising talent of Hazard(the belgian wonderkid)
    the rising talent of lakuku(the new drogba)
    Torres may not be at his best anymore(not saying that he wouldn’t)
    refs may learn their lesson and not be on the the spanish side anymore.
    if the spanish players dive, refs probably will give them red
    and Hazard can score goals practicaaly from anywhere.

  7. @SELECCAO100 PORTUGAL 4 SPAIN B 0 FRIENDLY MATCH (4-0 liar)…but Portugal took this match seriously, perhaps because Spain eliminated Portugal and won the World Cup. Cry baby cry. HAHAH. I honestly like it a lot more when Spain kill Portugal in the World Cup and won it 😀 .Pure Envy….JODETE LUSO DE MIERDA PREPARA EL CULO PARA EL PROXIMO PARTIDO DE REVACHA.

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