25 thoughts on “Spain – World Cup 2010 Champions HD

  1. @bbr11 Imagine if the Materazzi wasn’t such a faggot insulting Zidane’s family… then France would have won and Zidane would have been even more of a legend

  2. at least a crappy team like Italy (2006) or greece (2004) didn’t win. Spain actually EARNED their win!

  3. Congratulations Spain on winning your first world cup. I don’t care what people think of you, others deserves a chance to win, not just the same countries with past World Cup victories. As a Mexico federation football fan, again, I congratulate you, and love and greetings to my brother country! 🙂

  4. what effect did you put to make the grass look like that and what kind of effect is that when it swirls? or changes quickly?

  5. If you noticed the only players that scored thruout the torement for spain was barcelona players

  6. The REAL matadors have won … YOU need ONLY ONE deadly HIT to win a football game … congratulations from Germany and thanks for this phenomenal vid !

  7. this is spain at only their 50% best, and during euro qualifiers they have been even better. im english but no one can deny spains supremacy

  8. 0:35, barely any contact and iniesta goes down like he was shot, this is why i miss old school football, where you had to be in pain to go down.

  9. Oh what a beautiful moment
    i think they needs to change the spain national team name
    to Barcelona national team
    viva Barcelona national team
    i’m sorry i mean Spain national team

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