17 thoughts on “Spain vs Brasil 2-3 – Futsal – Goals & Highlights – FIFA World Cup Final Thailand 18.11.2012

  1. Chupa, España! Se celebra el título antes de la final. Más respeto para lo mayor de la futbol de la chancha, fútbol sala y fútbol playa. BRASIL!

  2. Un partidazo, los españoles jugamos con un orden y una táctica colectiva magnífica y Brasil además de esto tiene una pegada increible. Enhorabuena a Brasil y a mi equipo gracias por el esfuerzo

  3. The spaniards couldn’t believe neto scored that awesome gol in the final seconds. A play like this is what separates brazil from the rest of the world. Spain needs to uderstand that we have more skills than anybody else. Keeping touching the ball in the midfield in order to keep possesion doesn’t make one extraordinary.

  4. BRASIL!!!! Thank you! Obrigado!! Che goduria!! Veder perdere la Spagna quando mancavano solo 19.8 secondi!! E’ stato un momento di vero godimento!! 😉

  5. I was going to write the same! :)) Brazil deserved to win..And they did when there were only 19 seconds left..This is the best!! 😀

  6. 3:17 ดูเค้าไหว้ สิ คือแบบว่า สุดๆอ่ะเห็นระตะลึง

  7. same results for 2013-14 confederation cup and world cup… brazil regaining their throne as the best football country in the world and sending spain back to the minor leagues

  8. in the quater..argentina were 2-0..brazil still come up on top..they never finish 4th in the world cup(futsal)..their worst achievement was bronze..

  9. no matter what u do brazil always wins spain went 21 and saved a penalty at the end of additional time but again brazil wins its a curse no matter what u do they win whats their secret?!!!

  10. When Brazil play to there potential Indoors or outdoors.. no one can beat them..let’s hope Brazil show there quality and heart at the World Cup 2014.

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