Organizers Reveal Qatar Thinking On Offers Received From Iran And Different Nations To Host Teams

Qatar is thinking positively on offers that it has received from other countries to bring teams in the upcoming World Cup, however, so far country has not taken any decision in this regards, said the AFP organizing committee senior members.

Recently, Iran has received an offer to bring teams that will take part in World Cup small Qatar. The championship is going to start in about four years. On the question, if teams could be based in Iran, Hassan Al Thawadi, who is the chief organizer, said the country has got many suggestions from the various teams that are participating in the tournament. This is part of the operating plan, but of course it must happen with FIFA,”

Steps to accept the offer of Iran would create a great Islamic Republic improvement. And this will at the time when US is trying to isolate Iran. After year 2017, the countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain, have forced ban on Qatar, where as its united allies accuse the country is getting closer to Iran and it is also supporting the group of radical Islamic. On the other hand, Qatar is taking these charges as baseless and it accuses its accusers of wanting the regime change.

Al Thawadi is hoping that its neighbors of Qatar would remove imposed ban on citizens and will allow them to visit Qatar to watch the World Cup. The World Cup will start on 21st of November. This is a positive move for all football lovers. Thawadi said “I am hopeful that those states who are against the tournament will witness the importance of such massive tournaments and will also give opportunity to their people for participation.”